Pools require a lot a maintenance and time to keep the water sanitary and safe, and also to keep the equipment operating at peak performance. Let the professionals at Blueline Pool and Spa Services maintain, monitor and keep the proper chemical balance. We’ll handle, store, and apply the chemicals used to keep your pool clean and safe.  Blueline line Pool and Spa Services can save you the time and effort of pool maintenance, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your pool!

Our basic pool/spa maintenance service includes:

  • Test chemical balance for chlorine, acid and base (pH)
  • Provide and apply chemicals as needed to maintain proper chemical balance (all basic chemicals are included with our weekly service plan)
  • Brush down pool walls
  • Vacuum as needed
  • Check water level
  • Empty and clean skimmer basket(s)
  • Inspect and service the electrical and mechanical components of your pool, including pumps, heaters, chlorinators, control panels, skimmers, inlet and outlet plumbing, drains and pump filters.
  • Inspect for visible leaks
  • Keep the pool owner informed and up-to-date on all services performed during regularly scheduled services

During the summer in Texas it is recommended that pools be serviced at least once a week. Chlorine and other chemicals are highly sensitive to sun and UV rays, which causes the chlorine rapidly lose effectiveness in warmer weather.

For your safety and peace of mind, we provide, apply and store all necessary pool chemicals.  Many pool chemicals can be corrosive, poisonous, or generate noxious gasses if mixed.  They must be stored properly and securely to protect kids, pets and the environment.  Any spills must be cleaned up properly for the same reasons.  Because we have the training, storage space and equipment to handle chemicals, you don’t need to take on the risk of storing chemicals on your property or in your home.  We also buy in bulk and have less waste, which helps to keep chemical costs low.

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