Yes, you love looking at the sparkling water, and the aura of a tropical paradise your pool gives your yard soothes your soul, but if keeping your outdoor pool or spa clean and ready for use is important to you, consider installing a cover.  A cover can cut down on maintenance costs, save water by preventing evaporation, reduce chemical and energy use, and save you time.  Here are seven good reasons to cover up your pool when you’re not using (or adoring) it:

  1. Helps Retain Heat and Conserve Water

    Covering a heated swimming pool or spa reduces heat loss, especially at night, which can save on heating costs.  Even if your pool is sun-heated, covering your pool at night means warmer water on chilly mornings. Even inexpensive solar pool blankets or ‘solar sun rings‘ can provide these benefits, as well as helping to heat your pool during the day.A pool cover will also help reduce water lost to evaporation, particularly in hot, dry or windy climates, saving on your water bill, too.

  2. Keeps Bugs, Leaves, Dirt and Debris Out of Your Pool

    Would you rather spend your time fishing dog toys, dead bees, slimy leaves and who knows what else out of your pool with a net or skimmer — or spend your time swimming?  A cover can keep most windborne (and child-thrown) flotsam and jetsam out of your pool in the first place, giving you more time for the pool activities you enjoy.

  3. Can Add to Pool Safety

    If you have children or pets who are vulnerable to falling into your pool, a properly installed and anchored cover of a sturdy material can be a great safety feature.  Some heavy-duty fiberglass mesh pool covers can hold up to 400 pounds per square foot.  These covers tend to be heavy and harder to handle, needing a roller or track system to manage them.

    Be wary of thinking that a simple tarp or solar blanket will support anyone who falls in, though.  They are not meant for that purpose, and will not prevent someone from falling through them into the water.

  4. Saves on Chemicals and Maintenance

    Sunlight, wind, evaporation, dirt — all eat away at the chemicals needed to maintain a happy balance in your pool chemistry and adds to the time spent maintaining your pool.  That means more time managing your pool, wider swings in the chemical balance, and more money spent on chemicals.  A cover helps keep the pool clean and the chemicals in, leading to less money and time wasted.

  5. Saves Time and Effort

    Even if you can’t afford a push-button track system with a remote control for your cover, there are many inexpensive or cost-effective ways to cover your pool.  Lightweight solar covers are fast and easy to roll out and stow away, and the time spent putting a cover on and taking it off can be time well spent!


Five Excellent Reasons to Cover Your Pool or Spa

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